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Destination - Roslyn bay.


Sailing from Great Keppel Island toward Roslyn Bay which is seen here in the distance.

Closing in on the entrance to Roslyn Bay and marina.

Inside Roslyn Bay
Roslyn Bay is protected from the elements behind an enormous volcanic outcrop that is thought to  have been formed more than 50 million years ago. 
From the top of this outcrop, the Keppel Islands are clearly visible. 
Nearby Statue Bay and Double Head are popular fishing destinations for Black Jewfish, Cod, Tuna, and Mackerel.

 Roslyn Bay Harbour is quite busy as it is home to ferries departing for Great Keppel Island, along with Keppel Bay cruises, recreational fishing boats, 
 bare-boat charters, and Local fishing trawlers.

 Roslyn Bay Pile Moorings from the marina.

 Roslyn Bay Harbour.

Roslyn Bay Boat Ramps.

Roslyn bay boat ramps wharf.

Keppel Bay Marina
North Queensland's largest marina is also located in Roslyn Bay having 400 berths and 
a waterside garden cafe. 
A variety of colourful gardens, shrubs, trees, and bird life make this marina a very attractive destination. 

The walkway entrance to the Keppel Bay Marina.

 The waterfront walk to the marina proper lined with colourful shrubs and trees at Great Keppel Marina.

Roslyn Bay Marina waterfront view. 

The main walkway with just a glimpse of the Waterfront Garden Cafe nestled in among the trees and shrubs at the left of picture.

The entrance to one of the marina fingers.

Seagulls squabbling over food scraps that we threw into the water from our boat at the marina.

The Waterfront Garden Cafe. 
Where a variety of birds immediately swarm the tables to scavenge for food scraps the very moment the diners depart. 

Seagull ready to pounce on a vacating table.

Cafe garden.

 Scavenging Magpie at cafe table.

Cafe Garden.

Yellow Birds doing the same. 

A Peewee stealing food scraps from a diners plate. 

Cafe garden

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