Sunday, 17 July 2016



 Uninhabited Island Head Creek is home to huge Mud Crabs top fishing and is one of the safest anchorages on the Queensland Coast. Unfortunately, it is not always available to the Cruising and Voyaging public as it falls within the Shoal Bay army training area and gets closed to the public from time to time for military training purposes with live firing frequently carried out.

Island Head - Tropical Paradise.
This Island Head anchorage is postcard stuff with crystal clear turquoise water bold heavily timbered hills in the foreground with vivid distant hills in the background.

Island Head Anchorage. These yachts are at rest in the  most protected anchorage.

A popular scenic protected anchorage.

Island Head Pelican.

Typical succulent Island Head Muddie ready for the dinner table.

Live aggressive Mud Crab up close.

Days End at Island Head Creek.

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Tuesday, 12 July 2016


Focus on Coongul Point Beach

Located on Fraser Island West Coast usually only accessed by boat this beautiful pristine 60 km long beach is renowned for its snow white sand and crystal clear water.
This is an infrequently visited part of the island, without facilities and because of the many creeks and narrow stretches of sand it is difficult for off-road vehicles to access.

Monday, 11 July 2016


Destination - Roslyn bay.


Sailing from Great Keppel Island toward Roslyn Bay which is seen here in the distance.

Closing in on the entrance to Roslyn Bay and marina.

Inside Roslyn Bay
Roslyn Bay is protected from the elements behind an enormous volcanic outcrop that is thought to  have been formed more than 50 million years ago. 
From the top of this outcrop, the Keppel Islands are clearly visible. 
Nearby Statue Bay and Double Head are popular fishing destinations for Black Jewfish, Cod, Tuna, and Mackerel.

 Roslyn Bay Harbour is quite busy as it is home to ferries departing for Great Keppel Island, along with Keppel Bay cruises, recreational fishing boats, 
 bare-boat charters, and Local fishing trawlers.

 Roslyn Bay Pile Moorings from the marina.

 Roslyn Bay Harbour.

Roslyn Bay Boat Ramps.

Roslyn bay boat ramps wharf.

Keppel Bay Marina
North Queensland's largest marina is also located in Roslyn Bay having 400 berths and 
a waterside garden cafe. 
A variety of colourful gardens, shrubs, trees, and bird life make this marina a very attractive destination. 

The walkway entrance to the Keppel Bay Marina.

 The waterfront walk to the marina proper lined with colourful shrubs and trees at Great Keppel Marina.

Roslyn Bay Marina waterfront view. 

The main walkway with just a glimpse of the Waterfront Garden Cafe nestled in among the trees and shrubs at the left of picture.

The entrance to one of the marina fingers.

Seagulls squabbling over food scraps that we threw into the water from our boat at the marina.

The Waterfront Garden Cafe. 
Where a variety of birds immediately swarm the tables to scavenge for food scraps the very moment the diners depart. 

Seagull ready to pounce on a vacating table.

Cafe garden.

 Scavenging Magpie at cafe table.

Cafe Garden.

Yellow Birds doing the same. 

A Peewee stealing food scraps from a diners plate. 

Cafe garden

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Monday, 4 July 2016

New Destination just listed.

 The breathtaking West Coast of Tropical Fraser Island, photographed as rarely seen.



.Destinations- Fraser Island West Coast.

West Coast of

This tropical island paradise is the largest 
sand island in the world with numerous pristine white sandy beaches and
 crystal clear ocean water, 
noted for its special unique Satinay trees, 
 also for its population of native purebred Australian Dingoes, 
four wheel driving,
 and excellent fishing.

Coongul Point Beach

Landed on glorious Coongul point Beach.

South Platypus Bay.

Coongul Point

Fraser island is a place of exceptional beauty, with its long uninterrupted pristine white sandy beaches, and over 90 freshwater lakes.

The island is over 120 kilometres in length and over 20 kilometres wide.

 Ancient rain-forests grow in sand along the banks of fast-flowing, crystal-clear creeks. Fraser Island is the only place in the world where tall Rain-forests  are found growing on sand dunes at elevations of over 200 metres.

 In 1925 the Satinay (AKA Fraser island Turpentine Tree) became the major timber logged on the island after it was found to be resistant to marine borers and became invaluable for use in marine applications such as wharf and jetty construction.
Satinays were used in the building of the Suez Canal and the rebuilding of the London docks after World War II.

In 1836 Captain James Fraser on the brig Stirling Castle was wrecked at Swain’s Reef, north of Fraser Island. The survivors travelled south in a life boat and eventually found themselves marooned on Fraser Island.
Of them, only Eliza Fraser, the wife of Captain Fraser, lived to return to the mainland and the island was subsequently named after her.

Sailing today off Fraser is relatively safe and
very picturesque.

 Lady and Yacht at beautiful Coongul Point Beach.

 Looking North West from Coongul Point Beach.

 The tranquil waters of Hervey Bay.

SV. MISTY of Gosford at anchor
off Fraser Island West Coast.

Anchorage 1.
At Picturesque Pristine Sandy Point
 Fraser Island West Coast.

Anchorage 2.
At Picturesque Pristine Sandy Point
 Fraser Island West Coast.

West coast Sunset from Sandy Point Fraser Isle.

Misty Morning at Sandy Point.

Moon Point 
(is near Sandy Point.)

A Menacing  Fraser Island Wild Dingo.

Fishing is great !!!

 Just kidding !!!
This Longtail Tuna was captured on
Fraser Island West Coast.

Silver Gull on pristine white sandy beach
 Fraser West Coast.

Hervey Bay Humpback whale swimming, exhilaratingly close, in the crystal clear waters of Hervey Bay near Coongul Point beach, Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia.
Humpback whales are known for their magical songs, which travel for great distances through the world's oceans.

A Whale of a Tail.

Coongul Point Beach Flotsam.

Coongul Point Beach Flowering Flora.

The Car Ferry Shuttle from the mainland to
 Fraser Island East Coast at Inskip Point.

Kingfisher Bay Resort - Fraser Island West Coast.

Ferry Approaching Kingfisher Bay Resort.

Kingfisher Bay wharf and vehicle unloading ramp.

Kingfisher Bay Wharf.

Mangroves in Water.

Mangrove high and dry.

Mangrove Shoots.

Pristine Tropical Beach. Frazer Island 
 West Coast south of Gary's Anchorage.

Fraser Island Raven.

West coast Sunset From Fraser Isle.

The foreshore at South White Cliffs anchorage.

South White Cliffs Crab Activities.

Sunset from South White Cliffs Anchorage.

Coongul Point.

Coongul Point Panorama.

Coongul Point Flora.

 Coongul Point Flora in Blue Sky.

Coongul Point Sunrise.

Coongul Creek.

Seagull & Driftwood Coongul Point Beach.

Inside Gary’s Anchorage on Fraser Island West Coast. This is a very popular and safe destination for cruising boaters, and is well known for sand flies. (aka. Midgies & Noseeums)

Gary’s Anchorage a Beautiful safe haven.
Typical Fraser foreshore at Gary’s Anchorage.

The Landing Spot.
Inside Gary’s Anchorage.

Boats entering Garry’s Anchorage on dusk for an overnight safe haven.

Days End
 Sunset glow at Gary’s Anchorage.

Another Spectacular Fraser Island
West Coast Sunrise
Photographed from Gary’s Anchorage.

A Yacht dressed for New Years Day Celebrations at Gary’s Anchorage.

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