Sunday, 17 July 2016



 Uninhabited Island Head Creek is home to huge Mud Crabs top fishing and is one of the safest anchorages on the Queensland Coast. Unfortunately, it is not always available to the Cruising and Voyaging public as it falls within the Shoal Bay army training area and gets closed to the public from time to time for military training purposes with live firing frequently carried out.

Island Head - Tropical Paradise.
This Island Head anchorage is postcard stuff with crystal clear turquoise water bold heavily timbered hills in the foreground with vivid distant hills in the background.

Island Head Anchorage. These yachts are at rest in the  most protected anchorage.

A popular scenic protected anchorage.

Island Head Pelican.

Typical succulent Island Head Muddie ready for the dinner table.

Live aggressive Mud Crab up close.

Days End at Island Head Creek.

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