Sunday, 29 May 2016


The beautiful cruising destination of Lake Macquarie on the Central Coast of New South Wales offers excellent cruising facilities.

Murrays Beach.
Scenic waterfront park and wharf.

Lake Macquarie
Sailing Cruising Paradise.

Murrays Beach Wharf

Toronto Sailing Club.
From The Baths Wharf at Toronto.
Vessels of up to two-metre draft can tie up here, 
at the Baths Wharf ,where it is only 
a short walk to the Toronto shopping centre.

Toronto waterfront park Bandstand.

Beautiful Swans at Dawn

Toronto main street.

Picturesque Speers Point Wharf and Waterfront.

Marmong Point Parkland. Cockle Bay.

Marmong Point Marina.
From Marmong Point parkland.

Marmong Point Marina.

 Sunrise over Marmong Point
From Marmong Point Marina.

The beautiful Australian Silver Gull (Seagull)

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